Gŵyl Afon Ogwen River Festival 2018

Leaves are turning yellow and red, curling up and falling little by little – yes, it’s that time of the year again:

Celf yn y coed

Gwyl Afon Ogwen, the Ogwen River Festival in Bethesda North Wales, is happening next Saturday. I am taking part again in Parc Meurig:

IMG_20180905_170148835 (2)
Polymorph (study)


I am working on three rolls of canvas that will hang loosely from the trees (if all goes to plan! Please please rain and wind, stay away from the woods for one day).

IMG_20180904_153241815 (2)

IMG_20180911_111345183 (2)
Preparation of surface

Please come if you can! All of the artists will be waiting for you on Saturday the 29th from 10am till 5pm, rain or shine!

Polymorph Blue (detail)

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