Gŵyl Afon Ogwen River Festival

I am taking part in the Gŵyl Afon Ogwen River Festival, which is in Bethesda and will take place on 29 September. I chose to apply my work on abstracts inspired by rural and urban landscapes (on a series of small canvases in my last exhibition) to the woods of Bethesda. The woods of course also include the Ogwen river.

I decided to make five installations of paintings, which will hang from several trees in Parc Meurig. Each work will have two paintings, one on each side of the board, transforming them into 3D objects. So far I have made two paintings, which I found when finished had a Pop Art feel to them with their flat colours and thick black outlines. They reminded me of Patrick Caulfield or Roy Lichtenstein. This was not entirely intentional; my idea is to reduce the complexity of an ecosystem such as the woods and the river to lines and colours, to have a bold sense of rhythm and dynamic without too many details. The intention is also for the works to be seen from a distance and to play with several shades of green.

Initial sketches

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